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Job Karma treats industrial as a starting point for artistic freedom, exploration and unlimited experiments. As a codeword which involves industrial noise, elaborate, multilayer ambient as well as dance beat. The principle behind the music of Job Karma was always: no limits. A distinctive, immediately recognizable aspect of Job Karma's music is the sound created from age-old low and high frequency generators and oscillators, sine waves. Unique sounds of devices, which were not originally designed to be musical instruments, links with modulated by timbres of old analog synthesizers. The pieces are constructed on loops, timbre spots, blends and sequences. The integral element of Job Karma's tracks are samples discovered in the archives and those recorded by the sound artists themselves, on different continents. Mostly in North Africa and Asia Minor. In trance forms, rituals of vision and sound, Job Karma's music work joins urban primitivism and reflects cyivilisation overload. The project debuted in 1997 as a duo formed by Maciej Frett and Aurelisz Pisarzewski, with permanent collaboration of a visual artist Arkadiusz Baginski, enriching their concerts with video projections of his auteur films. Musical activity comes along with popularisation activity. The members of Job Karma are also the curators of the festival we are attending now

Job Karma