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A complex architecture of hypnotic sounds and rhythms in steady turns. Pounding beats define Winterkälte's unique style of abstract aggression, of which the main target is the whole central nervous system and all its neural connectors. Obliterating, generally pummelling non-stop rhythms melded with heavy electronics to result in a violent distorted and blurring circle of noise. Their music seems to be impersonation of the pure form of industrial – there are not even real melodies, nothing you can hum along with, only mechanic rhythms that drift in and out and develop over the rather long tracks. Screeching metallic sounds and distortion are all over the place. Some tracks are recorded as pure overmodulation. There is no sign of human life on this record, no vocals, no sign of guitar plucking or any other musical instruments – there is only aggresive and intense wall of electronic sound, mechanical rhythm that adrifts and evolves. It is a perfect soundtrack to the destruction of the natural environment at the end of the millennium.