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Thorofon, German industrial/power-electronics project, was founded by Daniel Hofmann (known also as Anton Knilpert) in 1995 with support of charismatic vocalist Geneviève Pasquier. The project stood in the artistic and musicial tradition of Throbbing Gristle and SPK, but soon developed an own easy-to-recognize style. Their prolific career in the international post-industrial scene began with Maximum Punishment Solutions back in 1997. With Anton Knilpert & Geneviève Pasquier being the coremembers of Thorofon, they worked regularly with guests musicians like Julius Gospodard & Tikki Nagual amongst others. Thorofon transformed into The Musick Wreckers at the end of 2005 while Knilpert changed his artist name into Dan Courtman. Thorofon reformed in late 2010.