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Test Dept., one of the most important bands of the British industrial scene, was founded in 1981 in the half-crumbled industrial areas of south London's docklands. The band's members used pieces of scrap metal and other items found in abandoned factories and scrapyards as instruments and combined them with electronics to create their own, original art - an energetic kind of music that was rhythm driven and fuelled by a radical protest against the reality they lived in. The new century brought a change to the group's style - currently, the two founding members Paul Jamrozy and Graham Cunnington are playing their music as Test Dept: Redux, a project which goes back to the music material from their earliest albums - presented in a new, refreshed form and embedded in the context of the present time as well as problems of today's world. As opposed to being a trip down the memory lane and a mere return to the roots, the project's new work means a necessity to voice criticism of the current situation, the wide-spread corruption of politicians and officials, the ubiquitous dictate of control and surveillance, as well as state violence leading to global conflicts and problems faced by our planet, now seeing the prospect of an ecological catastrophe. 
Band will play electronically reworking elements of early material "Beating The Retreat" , "The Unacceptable Face Of Freedom" and some new material.