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Paolo L. Bandera (a.k.a. NG5361) has been propagating unconventional sounds and deviated cultural streams for decades with SIGILLUM S, together with Eraldo Bernocchi and other various acolytes. On top of this, he has been generating noise textures in solo configuration as SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS, devastating post-industrial sounds with a hyper - intellectual twist, in an apocalyptic context with morbidly visionary features.
SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS is a space where the most antagonist and abrasive currents get crazy, while pursuing a limitless synergy between underground acoustics and nightmarish visuals: under this moniker tens of works have been released through the years since the early '90s, in parallel with live performances in a lot of countries.
Most recently, Paolo has started releasing some works under his own name, in order to differentiate more conceptually severe and abstract electronic productions from the SRS harsh volume. Paolo has also written for various magazines (on music and other topics), as well as having curated the two Italian editions of the Industrial Culture Handbook and having collaborated to RUMORI SACRI, a reference book on the Italian post-industrial music underground.

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