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When Section 25, band from Blackpool, debuted in 1977, they gained cult status straightaway. Their dipped in post-punk rebelliousness music was described as something extraordinary. Punk aggression with element of novelity made the band one of the favourite acts of Ian Curtis from Joy Division (he produced their debut single). Their sound, merging electronics, harsh post-punk and cosmic psychedelia, was far beyond post-punk paradigm and closer to experiment. As one of the artists of prestigious Factory label, Section 25 was representatives of its more avant-garde wing. Music of the band was always full of expression and anticipated by a decade massive beats and ambient, so popular in 90s. Hypnotic bass lines, motoric drums and corroded tunes and feedbacks made the sound of the band so unique – even on the rich British scene. After hiatus in 80s the band returned with its fresh version, oriented toward vigorous electronics.