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Scattered Order, formed in 1979 in Australia, was at the moment of creation presumed as something quite unusual and extraordinary in their homeland. Too harsh or experimental for the post-punk indie rock scene or too rock/pop for acceptance into the more traditional experimental scene, they've become enfant terrible of australian underground. As their name suggests, Scattered Order's input comes in apparently random scoops from here and there to be shaped and assembled under a grand design of their own. Confounding and surprising listeners for decades with their genre bending approach to sound and blending together noise and tune, the music of the project is a sonic assault of loops, samples and distorted guitars.Using “tried and trusted” but ageing samplers, MiniDiscs, audio cassettes and other deleted media mixed up with a whole lot of guitars and held together with some new found computer technology string, their plan is to DIY reverse engineer their way to the summit, demolishing and building tunes on the way.