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The Rorschach Garden was founded by Philipp Münch in late 1987 to serve as a host for his evolving musical ideas not focused on a certain style in the early years. This changed when Münch stared to play in bands like ARS MORIENDI and later SYNAPSCAPE. Experimental and noisy ideas were fed into these projects, so that the more melodic side remained.

During the 90ies TRG was deeply involved into the tape scene and the music slowly evolved into the thing it is now, best described as ‚Minimal Synth Pop Music‘

In the early 2000s TRG joined Ant-Zen via the sidekick label Bazooka-Joe where he made several 7“es and a bunch of CD albums. With Ant-Zens Reorganisation, TRG became a direct ant-zen member. Beside of this he’s also releasing digitally on band camp, mostly re- releases of old tapes but also new music.

On stage Münch is accompanied by his splendid groove box called his ‚robot band‘. He plays a selection of modern and classic tunes to bring you the bittersweet pleasure of his unique kind of music.