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Andy Oppenheimer is a singer, songwriter, an expert on weapons and used to be a half of the duo Oppenheimer Analysis—formation that could be considered the cutting-edge of synth-pop of the 80s. Mahk Rumbae is a producer and electronic musician, known for his association with industrial band Konstruktivists. Both artists—after a joint appearance at the legendary club Rhiz Vienna in April 2012—decided to team up in order to channel their shared experience. Sharing a fascination with pop 60s and synth from the 80s, they created a project by the name of Oppenheimer Mk II—one name that would combine the mentioned elements and create modern synth-pop—a genre that can sometimes be lively and melodic, at times it can be dark, filled with dangerous and unpleasant sounds. The collaboration of temper and skill of two veteran musicians of such stature was bound to create something great—and what’s more, both artists finally had the opportunity to temporarily cut the bonds with the formations with which they have been always associated. Oppenheimer Mk II walks an road paved long ago by the bands such as Erasure, Soft Cell or Mesh, and yet it still manages to expose a different face of musicians—based on pop sensibility, devoid of melancholic minimalism of Oppenheimer Analysis and aggressiveness of Konstruktivists. Oppenheimer Mk II is truly a genuine synth-pop of twenty-first century, adapted to a new audience and new expectations.

Oppenheimer MkII - The Presence of the Abnormal