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Psychosomatic electric no muzik – it is the best way to describe Nonstate – audio-visual project of Maciej Ozog (the former member of Spear, ben zeen and Aural Treat) and Bartłomiej Kuźniak (the composer and musician, the leader of 2g and 3 Metry, co-founder of Sub Spa, QKS, Golden Nine and Nonstate’s music is a result of the exploration of liminal spaces “in between”: between noise and silence, between audible and what is beyond the range of human hearing, between flesh and bit of information, between analogue and digital. Nonstate uses sound as a tool for transgression of these binary opposites as well as the space for experimentation and analysis of the network of constant flows between them in relation to human perception. The play of opposite forces and the playing with them produce an extreme psychosomatic experience on the border of trans and meditation. Nonstate uses analogue and digital synthesisers, prepared and bended electronic tools of various kind as well as prepared acoustic and electronic instruments. Nonstate’s live performances join sound with multiscreen video projections made of pre-recorded and real-time generated images by VJ Mac Umatik.