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Eric Van Wonterghem vel Monolith is not an anonymous person at WIF. The festival audience had many chances to find out about Eric's expertise as an all-embracing artist and technician. When in 1997 he started his work under the name Monolith, he had already been a legendary figure of the European electro industrial scene. This pioneer of dark electronics began his musical adventure in dim and distant past of new beat and has still been present there for several decades! Eric Van Wonterghem is both the creator and the craftsman. It is by no means exaggeration to call him a mega-master of production, a mage of the recording studio. EVW's methodology had great impact on the industrial-like movement, rhythm noise. Eric's dynamic career was marked by his matchless consistence and carft, unlikely having any vulnerabilities. The result of his bona fide work can be heard on tens or even hundreds of albums of the electro industrial scene. Each product signed with his name has features of great precision and solidity. Classical names, such as Insekt, Sonar, Absolute Body Control or The Klinik speak for themselves. Recently, Eric has also been a successful producer of the new wave of club techno industrial. Monolith is not only a timeless hit song, Disco Buddha. The base of his practice is stated by repetitive loops and merciless rhythm, minimalism of the electronic beat interconnected with noise; enriched with some doze of groove, either. Monolith joins all these elements to create a coherent monolith, the music of body and spirit, intended for movement and dance.