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Tomasz Mirt—from whose name the name of the project derives—tends to involve himself with a very broad and diverse spectrum of musical fields—ranging from minimal and ambient, through psychedelia and post-rock, to industrial and lo-fi. Some critics try to encompass his work with a rather general label—industrial—but the artist himself prefers to describe his sounds as neopsychodelia. Mirt creates music using a variety of analog modules and musical instruments such as electric guitars, keyboards and trumpets. Solo recordings of Mirt—who happens to play in other formations such as One Inch of Shadow or Gallowbrothers Brasil and The Band on a daily basis—are sometimes even more quiet than the field recorded samples that he often utilizes in his works. Some tracks can be characterized as monotonously repetitive, but they can also surprise with their hidden rapacity. The musician states that randomness of the sound is of highest importance to him, which by itself is an idea stemming straight from the acoustic world as well as the old electronic. In both music subgenres, small differences are the result of chaotic change, not a complicated digital algorithms. It’s no wonder why his ambient collages are full of unexpected acoustic events and moments. It's the type of music that’s best experienced while being focused, a powerful, musical synesthesia. Mirt is a virtuoso of the art of putting together field recordings and synth-sounds into one evocative and coherent whole.

Mirt - Warszawa ... Klubojadalnia Eufemia - 15.11.2011