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The Ambient is a genre of many faces—sometimes it constitutes merely a pleasant background music, the other time it can become heavy, dark and full of anxiety. Komora A—with its members: Jakub Mikołajczyk , Karol Koszniec and Dominik Kowalczyk—is much closer to the latter than the former. The band's music is full of barely masked anxiety, deep drones, subtle rhythmic fragments, dignified analog sounds and modular synthesizers, industrial themes and multi-level sound structures—and that's just a few of the elements used by the group to achieve its own unique sound. The music is improvised, full of trance and contemplation, filled with dark spots and seasoned with radical frequencies. Moments of silence border with dark, quirky electronics, just as meditation borders strong emanations of sound. Komora A radically experiments with music and the sound in general, making it interesting and surprising, creating with ingenuity and innovation.

Komora A - Crystal Dwarf Opens His Eyes