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KALeKA is a group of artists from Poland. The name of group is a mezostyche. It interconnects meanings of two words: "kalka" - "qalque" and "kaleka" - "cripple", "ampute", "xxx". In live concerts we combine interactive animation and electronic music. Bromboszcz and Misiak play on computers using synthesizer, percusion automata, sequenzer. In magazine there are sections of visual poetry, graphics and texts. In live performance and papers KALeKA give interest to arts, philosophy and engineering. Roman Bromboszcz is occupied with intermedia and computer based art. He reinterprets different avantgarde poetics and science. He connects music with visual art and experimental poetry. He creates works composed with series of frequencies, letters and words. He works and lives in Poznan. Tomasz Misiak is author of texts on art, aesthetics and philosophy. He searches for connections between sound and image. He investigates relations between analogue and digital claiming traditional hierarchy of senses. In a field of poetry he tries to apply some of consequences of theory of information especially to alphabet. He works and lives in Poznan.