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IUGULA-THOR is an Italian experimental power electronics project formed in 1992 by Andrea Chiaravalli with the assistance of Paolo Bandera and Eraldo Bernocchi (Sigillum S, etc.).
Many of the early recordings were heavily influenced by thrash and speed metal, while, since 1994 the project has primarily been just Andrea with Paolo Bandera, verging more closely on noise-oriented territories.
The project has always been shrouded in mystery and curiosity, mainly due to the use of esoteric references to Process Church of the Final Judgment (a religious group active in the 60s and 70s founded by Mary Anne and Robert DeGrimston), to Norse mythology and to Aleister Crowley, the founder of modern occultism and considered by some to be the source of inspiration for Satanism from which, however, Iugula-Thor has always distanced himself.
The themes are dealt with on a background of preternatural and avant-garde electronic music, with a distinctly and individually Iugula-Thor style, currently able to merge the different chapters of the long and mysterious history of the project in a super complex context that tends to close the circle recovering esoteric sounds typical of the origins with an extremely aggressive approach (especially in live performances).

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