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Inade's artistic work enompasses broadband space – from gloomy post industrial to multidimensional dark ambient. Otherwordly music of Inade is beauty, majesty, luridness and mystery. One of its aims is to create a multilevel sound roam into the depth of the subconsciousness. Inade - Knut Enderlein and Rene Lehmann managed a skill of making music which is appropriate for temples and for planetariums. Their sound has incredible power, it reaches the unconsciousness, it is able to induce hypnotic states. A great number of Inade's work has close connection with the cosmos – it successfully sends the listener towards celestial sphere. Astral excursions evoked by sound lead into unexplored, dark worlds. We see/hear spacial landscapes, we witness birth of new planets and also catastrophies foretelling the apocalypse. Inade's albums are precise, spatial extraterrestial mysterias. Each of them is a solid, perfectly constructed audiovisual project. All the products are released by Loki Foundation – band members' own company, dealing with production, distribution and promotion of experimental music. Composed in Leipzig located legendary laboratory Deep Audio – Inade's sound has a potential, which can be called superrational.