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Hailing from Austin, Texas, but based in Vienna for a few years, Michael Everett, also performing under the moniker puppy38, has recorded over twenty albums as Hiroshimabend – released by the independent label opiumdenpluto. Found sound, field recordings, industrial rhythms, lingering drones, dark and unsettling ambient soundscapes, plus experimental noises are elements making up the project's aural offering. Everett's ambient/avant noise is not only a sonic experience – it is psychosomatic, giving rise to a variety of associations that refer to deep layers of the subconscious. It's the kind of music which has the ability of mesmerising the listener with a whole range of effects, rich structures and multiple layers of sound. It is not plain ambient, nor is it ordinary noise music – Hiroshimabend's pieces deliver both industrial-like rebelliousness and peculiar beauty alike.