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Fjernlys can't be described as a typical representative of Loki Foundation Label. It is not just dark ambient. The project was founded by Knut Enderlein from Inade and Ex.order. Debut album of the band contains ten great and endless epic tracks to reach far beyond trepidation and tranquillity, it's not only welcoming with open arms but captivating slowly the listener and remaining breathless till the last sound. Beyond The Undulant Quiescence unifies the opposites when the frostiness of the synthesizer sound and the warmth of the melodies are melting one another. The spectrum ranges from melancholic piano compositions to complex and superior songstructures with an open commitment to slow motion. In every track there is this cryptical sparkling which is always shimmering but it almost stays in the background. It's the multilayered arrangement in each track which is constantly changing the colours and feature an cineastic coarseness in an audible way.

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