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An absolute legend of the English punk scene, dark punk, industrial. It is enough to say that Crisis is the first-fruit of Death In June. Tony Wakeford and Douglas P. founded Crisis as a fighting power band, strictly connected with the anti-nazi movement, ant-National Front. In late 70s the founders of Crisis were fascinated by Trotskyism, anarchism, radical left-wing, critical of the Soviet Union. The theme of the committed songs was Great Britain of late 70s and early 80s, that time's government, society, scene and anti-Nazism. Apart from their manifest-lyrics expressing controversial political affiliation, Crisis created primary punk rock, intentionally raw music, lacking quirkiness, with no pub rock or rhythm blues influences. The primary work of Crisis was full of passion and contained a ripping doze of energy. Their only album, Hymns Of Faith (1980), included all of the above.To define this ascetic formula, the journalists coined the phrase: music to march to. Crisis, just like all their following projects, did not accept political indifference. The title of the posthumous compilation album, We Are All Jews and Germans, wasn't accidental. It reffered to the emblematic slogan from 1968 and it was a meaningful declaration. The titles of the tracks, for instance Kanada Kommando; Holocaust or Red Brigades predicted motifs developed later in the work of Death In June. Nowadays, the only depositary of Crisis is Tony Wakeford, best known from Sol Invictus. Besides Wakeford, the present members are the musicians known from i.a. Naevus or Alternative TV, they stay faithful to the original spirit of Crisis. Founded in 1977 and hibernated for decades, Crisis still proclaimes total resistance against today's world. Who knows, maybe the old hymns are now more up-to-date than in the 70s?

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