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Mark Crumby, a figure well-known and distinguished across the whole industrial genre, has been active since early 90's and known for both his solo output as Cathedra, Binary, or Dust Orchestra as well as work with bands including Konstruktivists, Oppenheimer MKII and Ghost Actor. All of the projects saw him exploring diverse territories of contemporary industrial-soaked and experimental electronic music. His latest incarnation is Codex Empire, where he presents his own virtuoso take on a merger of the industrial aesthetic and techno music. The project, which had its debut in 2015 in the form of an EP released by aufnahme + wiedergabe, was shortly recognised by both audiences and critics alike, putting it on a par with Ancient Methods, Raime, Demdike Stare or Haxan Cloak – other interesting projects combining measured beats with dark and noisy atmospheres. Codex Empire means heavy beats, constant rhythms and slow transformations – a fresh and energetic mixture of techno, post-punk and industrial sounds.