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In 2006, Johannes Riedel, known for his work with the band Fjernlys, along with Knut Enderlein of the group Inade had their joint debut with a new project named Circular, which since its first release has been delivering intricately arranged and perfectly polished ambient music. The multi-layered sounds of modular analogue synthesizers are combined with dreamy melodies played with acoustic instruments. Distant guitar riffs flow along the pulsating bass, while the soothing and evolving electronic sound delivers an atmosphere of meditation and imparts a mystic aura to the whole creation. All of these merge to make up a unique world of sound. This is music filled with melancholy and harmony – a perfect refuge from reality, one that guides the listener to explore senses and emotions.  Circular's musical output is proof that the continually developing and evolving ambient genre is far from standing still.