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BLACK LIGHT ASCENSION commenced operations after the untimely demise of Knifeladder in 2008. After some high profile supports, including Rhys Fulber's Conjure One, the first album Ashes was released via Haurock! In 2011. Seen by many as a catalyst for much of the electronic Post Punk revival, Ashes was both deeply personal and highly political, documenting the spiritual collapse and the violent dismantling of the welfare state in the UK. Comparing the techniques of media control and coercion used in the Neo Con world to that of the Cold War, the effect was a paranoid noir rendering via massive analogue drones and piercing metallic bass. 
The latest album Post Future Recordings takes this approach even further, with experiments in apocalyptic mutant disco and tragic romantic orchestral pieces, put together with a complete disregard to transient sub genres and trends.
Live, Black Light Ascension has stripped down to a powerful two piece, with Hunter Barr (Knifeladder, Antivalium, Naevus, Andrew King) taking control of electronics and samples, and Andrew Trail (Knifeladder, Antivalium, Ministry Of Love Australia) delivering vocals, percussion and additional noise. Black Light Ascension look forward to delivering an incendiary set of both new and older material in Europe for the first time.