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The music made by Anemone Tube — existing since 1996 and led by Stefan Hanser — can best be described as a unique and skillful mix of dark ambient, noise, power electronics, industrial, and sound art. Anemone Tube offers an intense, even psychogenic sound experience — a comprehensive and well thought-out wholeness that goes far beyond the boundaries of all of the above aesthetics. Compositions of the project skillfully combine characteristics of academic experimentation with the aesthetics of underground music — the sounds of industrial territory. This is noise at its best, retaining its destructive and pure nature, but at the same time complemented by something subtle and very personal. Anemone Tube is a collage of lush industrial soundscapes, a massive wall of sound inlaid with original field recordings from different environments — courtesy of the artist who records numerous samples during their voyages around the world. Finally, the music of Anemone Tube can be described as a thick atmospheric background filled with conflicting emotions. This is not in any way a monotonous brand of music — its line is based primarily on constant changes in tone and mood, with a distinct dynamic and dramatic culminations. Tracks of the project are often conceptually linked together — the artist often examines the empirical world and confronts it with Buddhist psychology and nihilist philosophy, the origins of which can be found in movies and books of such artists as Michael Haneke, Hayao Miyazaki, HP Lovecraft, Yukio Mishima and J. G. Ballard.

Anemone Tube - Dream Landscape