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Ladies and Gentlemen, on 5 and 6 December we are entering the orbit for the fourth time!Another edition of SpaceFest! is going to take placeat Żak Club in Gdańsk.We are still promoting shoegaze, space-rock and all psychedelic shades of alternative music.This year, the face of the festival is Snowid: an unsettling figure from the Polish woods. With his sidekick, the mushroom man, and goblins from space, they are going to infuse the whole event with mystery, mysticism and primeval energy.

We are in for a dose of live delicacies.The undisputed highlight of the first day is the legendary Silver Apples: pioneers of psychedelic electronic music, which influenced the likes of Kraftwerk or Portishead.Simeon, the band’s leader, used a homemade synthesizer consisting of 12 oscillators and an assortment of sound filters, telegraph keys, radio parts, lab gear and a variety of second hand electronic junk to create sounds humanity didn’t even dream of in the late 1960s – and which still sound fresh and innovative today.

The headliner of the second day of the festival is the British duo The KVB, whose delicate and ephemeral shoegaze sound is marked by reverb-soaked guitars and minimalist electronic production.

We will also see UK’s The Oscillation, who are veering between krautrock edginess and bittersweet pop melancholia, droning medicated tones and noise-driven no wave fuzz, and 2kilos & More, whose blend of ambient-electronica and post-rock with amazing visuals brought our audience to their knees two years ago.This time they are going to perform with Black Sifichi: the dark master of spoken word, performer and underground activist.Other bands include Death Hawks: bearded shamans of psychedelic space-rock from Finland and Danes from Tales of Murder and Dust representing Scandinavian Psych-noir.

The line-up also showcases some gems from Poland:The Enters – a shoegaze/noise pop/dream pop trio, who are the latest rave of the alternative music world; 3moonboys from Bydgoszcz, who have already made a name for themselves in the music landscape of Polish alternative undergroundand so far managed to avoid being pigeonholed; plus an ephemeral solo project of Rafał Skonieczny (known from Hotel Kosmos) dubbed Rara and, of course, our highlight: Snowid, whose pagan-occult-cosmic electronic sounds are bound to bring us into a state of interstellar trance.

Hungry for more? For dessert, Dr Switchoff will serve us his eclectic DJ sets showcasing the best and worst in weird music from all over the world, using broken hi-fi equipment, analogue Soviet synths, field recordings and unidentified sound objects.

The concert part of the festival will traditionally be preceded by rehearsals of Pure Phase Ensemble, a group created especially for SpaceFest.For a week, the musicians are going to work together at Łaźnia Centre for Art Education in Nowy Port and seek inspiration in the port landscape of this district of Gdańsk.This year, we are bound to hear walls of guitars and distortions on account of the singer/guitarist of the legendary shoegaze band Ride, Mark Gardener, who will be the frontman of PPE4.The ensemble is also going to feature musicians from such bands as Hatifnats, Wilga or Cisza nocna.The line-up will be completed by Ray DIckaty, known i.a. from his cooperation with PJ Harvey or Spiritualized, and Karol Schwarz from Nasiono Records, both of whom have been responsible for the coordination and musical cohesion of the PPE project from the very outset.We are going to hear the results of the rehearsals live on 6 December and the performance is going to be recorded and released on CD in 2015.

Jot down the first weekend of December and visit SpaceFest! to embark on a unique journey together with the invited guests, a journey not just through time, but also – perhaps most importantly – through space. Come and pick music mushrooms with us!



5 December 2014 | start at 7.00 pm


Silver Apples (US)
The Oscillation (UK)

2kilos &More + Black Sifichi (FR/US)
Death Hawks (FIN)

3moonboys (PL)

Rara (PL)


DJ Adam Czajkowski (PL)

DJ Dr.Switchoff (RU)



6 December 2014 | start at 7.00 pm

The KVB (UK)
Pure Phase Ensemble (with Mark Gardener) (UK/PL)

Tales of Murder and Dust (DK)

The Enters (PL)

Snowid (PL)


DJ Adam Czajkowski (PL)

DJ Dr.Switchoff (RU)



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Tickets are available at Eventim and Soundrive outlets and at Żak Club

One-day tickets:PLN 30-40 / festival passes:PLN 50-70