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ZŁE OKO / (the EVIL EYE) is the one-woman project of Olga23 from Warsaw (PL), industrial/punk graphic artist, author of collages and former bassist of DNO (a downtempo punk), who currently lives in Oslo. This is digital agony and apocalypse, drone downtempo, the cawing of crows, and the howling, whining sirens. In 2018 ZLE OkO made her debut with "Cicuta", where echoes of early 90s industrial are mixed with conceptual, feminist anarcho-punk from Crass Records, and a uniquely Polish element – especially in the lyrics, filled with mediaeval pagan motifs and the stench of witches burned at the stake. The sound layer is dominated by ghoulish samples from YouTube and authoritarian broadcasting stations, such as the Polish state TV. This is Złe Oko's response to the darkness of the Polish Middle Ages – which seem to have made a contemporary comeback. In her new productions, Olga23 veers towards shamanic, dark trap at the same time exploring the depths of dubbed bass of sampled didgeridoo.