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The beginnings of Zenial were connected with going beyond technological constraints and exploring the possibilities of the rapidly developing digital technology. Zenial's début coincided with the explosion of the Internet, which had an impact on the methodology of all of Łukasz Szałankiewicz's projects, including Palsecam and Zendee. At the beginning of the 90s, he was associated with the so-called demo scene, and each further step of the artist was dedicated to the penetration of the medium and the uninterrupted experiment with the very matter of his work. Zenial's search is combined with theoretical reflection. The Audiotong brand, established in 2005, serves the purpose of popularising this kind of artistic output. Łukasz Szałankiewicz is an author of interactive installations, audiovisual performances, as well as an activist and curator of new media. In his research and creative work, he has collaborated with a number of institutions and art centres around the world. The scope of Szałankiewicz's activity lies between academic experimental music and a variety of guises of noise and ambient.