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Wire—a formation founded in 1973 in London—is indisputably one of the greatest legends in the avant-garde rock and experimental music in general. Furthermore, not many other groups can boast with as large an influence in the twentieth-century music scene. Formations such as hardcore Minor Threat, Fugazi noise-rock, no wave Sonic Youth and new wave The Cure all admitted to being inspired by the Wire. The band may have emerged during a wave of British punk explosion, however, the musicians managed to hone and preserve their own style—on both levels: the ideological and the creative. Even today, after numerous transitions, shifts and changes, the band still cannot be labeled easily. The Wire’s identity is in perpetual motion, hence all the changes in their sound and all the shifts in genre: be it post-punk, industrial or electronic in form. The band is often branded as one of the most important groups of the 70's and 80's, it is also said that their music has not only expanded the boundaries of punk sound, but also rock in general, pushing it to another level. The Wire’s music—regardless of their style at the moment—has a specific, climatic sound and unusual, disturbing lyrics that often refer to the ideas of the situationist movement. Members of the wire were also involved in the creation of important experimental groups such as the Dome, Cupola, P'o or Duet Emmo.