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Whalesong is an experimental music collective from Poland. Since the very beginning the band has always been highly influenced by genres like industrial, no wave and drone. Over time they created their unique uncompromising style consisting of sludge, doom metal, jazz, noise rock and post punk. Notwithstanding this, Whalesong music can't be easily described with just one genre, but one thing's for sure - Whalesong doesn't follow any trends and negates up-to-date fragmentary listening of music. Constantly repeated riffs and rhythms mixed with huge loudness don't let ignore them. Whalesong also understands the great value of dynamics and uses a huge variety of instruments: gongs, hammered dulcimer, tubular bells, theremin, vibraphone and also objects like sheet metal and springs. Their new album entitled 'Radiance of a Thousand Suns' was recorded in collaboration with Thor Harris (Swans, Wrekmeister Harmonies, Xiu Xiu), Wacław Vogg Kieltyka (Decapitated), Aleksander Papierz (Sigihl) and with award-winning vibraphonist Tomasz Herisz.