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Founded as an initiative of Kim Larsen, the Danish project Of the Wand & the Moon is proof that there are still exceptional musicians who can breathe something new and fresh into the neofolk movement, by many hailed as fossilised, dead or, at best, eating itself – even more so when looking at the deluge of almost identical bands merely copying the genre's classics and one another. Each of the outfit's records has met with enthusiasm – both on the part of critics and audiences, while the album The Lone Descent released in 2011 was hailed a masterpiece on a par with the work by the masters of the genre such as Death In June, Current 93 or Sol Invictus. Songs by Of the Wand & the Moon can be thought of as model for the entire neofolk genre, delivering melancholic, multidimensional, acoustic music with lyrics drawing on heathen beliefs and traditions as well as rune motifs inherent in the work of other artists from this background and playing a significant role in the music, lyrics and the project's album artwork. Larsen's delicate voice tells stories of love and hate, betrayal and death, and life in all of its manifestations.