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No ideas, no changes, no development, no entertainment, and no remorse – is a manifesto underpinning the music of Vomir, a project of Romain Perrot, one of the creators and most important representatives of the harsh noise wall aesthetics. While most noise musicians strive to head for increasingly extreme solutions, i.e. play louder and louder and introduce more and more sudden changes and effects, Perrot tries to maximally simplify his music and creates a construction comprising static noise, interference, drones and acoustic creaks integrated into a uniform wall of monotonous sound. Vomir is not only a challenge mounted to the exclusively noise oriented aesthetic, which in this dimension is already reaching the limits of listenability – it is also extreme opposition to the mass culture and a choice consisting in withdrawal, isolation, and immersion in complete noise.  A wall of noise exists as long as the noise is complete, constant and thoroughly continuous, with no changes and fluctuations of the sound – this is how Perrot tries to create static noise resonating with him himself.