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Urinatorium is a sound-project inspired by the admiration for the sound spaces and the enthusiastic catastrophism of Hubert Wińczyk. This activity, carried out since 2005 aims to search for, study and process sounds that can be considered as metabolic waste of life, human activity and the environment in which we function, and to give them new meanings.

The aim of these searches is primarily cognitive and spiritual, by analogy with alchemical practices, but the results of the work, sound productions, concerts can be perceived aesthetically - as experimental music. It's a narrative that emerges from noise and voices.

During his performances, H. Urinator uses metal and plastic junk, tools, analog sine/square wave generator, field recordings, tapes, his own voice, various microphones, radios, toy instruments, and various electronics. During spontaneous, personal concerts, drawing on his experience in performance art, he explores the symbolics of transformation and catastrophic motifs, both sonically and with gestures, which often function on the top-bottom-top axis and the macrocosm in the microcosm.

Wińczyk works with sound in many fields: doing field recordings, composing for theater and animated films, co-creating radio plays, sound installations, conducting workshops for children. He plays in the bands like kakofoNIKT, Monster Hurricane Wihajster, Nova Reperta, Palanci, Extra Nerves, Revue svazu českých architů, WW Duo.