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The individual project of Christian Erdmann represents a popular style, martial industrial. Triarii is a monumental music of military drills, order, march and attack. The name itself derives from the so-called third battle line formation  – the most valiant, the most proven and ironclad soldiers of Roman legions, used in battle at critical times. When we hear the words res ad triarios venit – werealise the seriousness of the situation. The project from Bavaria refers to the European legacy, they search for ideological inspirations looking back into the past. At the same time, it shies away from any political movements, which they  were often associated with.  During his musical work, Christian Erdmann collaborated with the members of bands like Werkraum, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, or Spiritual Front. Those names briefly determine the spectrum of analogy in Triarii's works. During the live shows Triarii is sometimes accompanied by Nicholas of the Belgian Empusae.