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Revival band, whose sense is to give a new lease of life to the classic Throbbing Gristle. Like any band of such type, Throbbing Wafle had one goal on mind: to play covers of the original group. Since Throbbing Wafle was launched, the souce project managed to reactivate. The real TG also happened to release new material and play a few memorable concerts. Their reactivation raised a series of discussions and controversy on today's industrial scene. Throbbing Wafle is less stimulating, it is a project of Marcel Zamenhof, known from other artistic undertakings, and Lukasz (Ash Neuro).TW focus on early work of old TG. However, with the use of modern equipment and technology they reinterpretate, in some sort of way, the original versions of Gristle. Wafle were supposed to remain a short-term initiative (the idea was to feature only four recitals). Despite rare performances, TW has developed into a project still active until today.