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The idea of The Anti-Group Communications is the effect of unrestrained artistic instinct of Adi Newton, spiritus movens of the legendary Clock DVA. Versatility and musical knowledge started to split the frames of his best-known band. The plan of this project was to concentrate artists and theoreticians from different communities, realising subsequent, single projects as a multimedia collective. T.A.G.C. was supposed to be a sort of active platform, an interdisciplinary unit specialising in art and research, a fluctuating organisation grouping musicians, visual artists, film-makers, etc. documenting their experiments under the name T.A.G.C. The open organism of T.A.G.C. included an experiment, excluding any limits. As in Adi Newton's most works, also all performances by T.A.G.C. are accompanied with broad theoretical research, effects of which are released by Anterior Research Recordings. Academic descriptions touch the subjects of aural experiments, psychoacoustics, experiences with psychoactive frequencies of sound. From sound stimulation of the brain activity, through testing the role of frequency and rhythm used in voodoo rituals. From evoking hermetic ideas from the past to penetration of the concealed experiments of contemporary military laboratories. Reaching directly for audio documents of T.A.G.C. We receive the music surprising with diversity. Unpredictable products of T.A.G.C. contain contemplative pieces, reaching the limits of the Universe, quasi free jazz, spheric and ethnic  music; no wave, electroacustic ritual music and hits which would do well on industrial dancefloor. It remains unknown what kind of set T.A.G.C. is going to present at WIF 2018.

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