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Tabor Radosti - We can consider to be official origin groupment The Tábor Radosti ( Joy Camp ) in 1995. Two years later The Tábor Radosti ( Joy Camp ) came to public with band The 1984 on industrial festival in Telč. The next two years they were improving to new musical technics, which cames to a head perfomance in amphitheatre in Jihlava. At the beginning of the year 2001 was recorded CD Tábor Radosti ( Joy Camp ) , which was introduced in Jihlava in June at the same year. In the year 2003 was recorded CD Hámavál – Výroky Vysokého. The purpose was expression admiration for original religion our predecessors and prevision falling western civilization as consequence extermination this religion and follow up importing to new God of desert to human soul. In December 2004 was Hámavál introduced on X-industrial festival in Prague. Since this performance has a new stage of the band begun. Concerts have taken place more frequently. The band has decided for Epidemie Records Label to present a new CD “Lamat” that should reflect the faith in the infallibility of cosmic cycles.2011 was released another album- Agartta at the Slovac label Aliens Production. These days,work on reedition of the first two albums Tabor Radosti and Hávamál at the Austrian label Klanggalerie is going on and also work on the brand newalbum has started.