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Szelest Spadających Papierków (in Polish - “rustle of falling papers”) is considered a precursor of Polish avant-garde and noise music. It was founded in 1981 in Gdansk. In their beginnings the formation did not have a stable roster, the unruly group of wild musicians used to change all the time, and so did the instruments (sometimes just because the artists would destroy them or simply lose them during a concert). At that time, Szelest spadających papierków was a highly provocative avant-garde and pure musical destruction. The concerts of this group were more happenings than actual musical events—the artists would often dress up in their most surprising costumes and read out manifestos between songs. As it turned out, there were times when the happenings became more important than the music itself and the latter would become nothing more than an additional feature. The style of young Szelest could be described as extremely chaotic and noisy—clearly inspired by the achievements of the Western avant-garde and industrial (which at that time was still a relatively fresh genre). The things have changed, however, and now SSP can be described as a noise duet playing abstract not-music with the use of analog generator and a set of Game-Boys. SSP of the twenty-first century is the delicate rustling sound of cyber stacks. It does not provide any respite nor relief. This abstract jumble of eight-bit retro sounds given off by a Nintendo console gets entangled in a virtual labyrinth of beeps , glitches and grinding made by a generator. There is no melody—the music is a cyber trance which could move only a machine. It’s a disco for printers and faxes. Only one thing is certain: it is a radical proposition meant only for the bravest souls in the universe.

Szelest Spadających Papierków - 'S' - Rascheln Fallender Papiere (live @ OFF Festival)