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Spherical Disrupted is a musical project led by Mirko Hentrich—a member of Experimentum Crucis and co-founder and owner of the label Audiophob. Musically speaking, Disrupted is a unique minimalist electronics that could be situated somewhere on the border between noise and ambient. Often filled with specific, strange atmosphere it is a surprising mixture of clearly structured sound elements with unbridled, chaotic noise. Spherical Disrupted attacks the listener with a whole lot of heavy beats, distorted sounds and dash of subtle synthetic melodies. It's not common to hear such a skillful combination of dark ambient IDM; sometimes sounding more industrial, sometimes bordering on techno, and presented in a cold, surgical and mechanical manner. Tracks portray an elaborate combinations of raw, ominous tones, multi-level soundscapes with slowly and meticulously built backgrounds composed of machine noises, pulsating electronics and warm synths—and such kind of mixtures seems to be the specialty of Spherical Disrupted, giving it the specific nature (and structure) of a disturbing dream. Sharp bits are mixed with dense atmosphere, the music’s simple, minimalist rhythms develop into the sounds resembling the old electronics, and screechy, noisy sequences are interwoven with subtle melodies. This project takes the dark structures located somewhere between ambient and noise, electronics and field recordings—and exposes them. It is the meeting place of darkness and rhythm.

Spherical Disrupted - Constant Failure [7/13]