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The ensemble Skrol was formed in autumn 1995. It consisted composer and keyboard player Vladimír Hirsch, singer Martina Sanollová and Tom Saivon, who provides noise structures, lyrics and manages the band single-handed. The creative principle of the band is based on neo-classical concepts with a congregation of martial industrial, with an attempt to attain an organic amalgam of the two on rudiments of rock music patterns. Formation employing original principles of composition, with added depth of classical program influences.

Their inspiration derives mainly from Slavic melodic and harmonic techniques, reflecting the pursuit of proper ethnical musical roots, i.e. also music, which is founded on these traditions. This direction of Skrol's creativity aims rather at the modern form of classical music, both through the instrumentation and exploitation of sound possibilities (synthesisers or samplers working with various configurations of instruments of a classical symphony orchestra) and through its integration into ambient structures, characteristic for the contemporary post-industrial likeness of the world. The actual result of a model conceived as generally as this appears as the incorporation of a musical statement into an artificial space, which should incite an intense perception of fullness or emptiness of space, where the central theme takes place. Skrol attempts to attain an organic amalgam of its own alternative of classical music with the post-industrial cultural space and thereby create a new form, as a continuation of previous activities, called "integrated music" by Hirsch. Skrol is a project which doesn't completely deny residues of rock principles. At least minimally, it is music paying respect to traditional song form.

The ritualistic trances of the singer who often sang in ecstatic frenzy combined with kinetic physical theatresque performance, while the two noise makers stood behind in terrorist masks, was a signature mark of Skrol's live performances.