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Although Skin Area debuted in Cold Meat Industry, their music is far distant from the model of the best known groups under the Swedish label. The members are Martin Bladh, a versatile artist (graphic designer, performer, essayist) and Magnus Lindh, another versatile artist known from the project IRM. On their albums New Skin or Journal Noir / Lithium Pact  the duo created a rich, multilayer structure. The album recordings of Skin Area indicate unrestrained attitude towards materiality. In their music we can find many timbres from industrial range. The atmosphere is made by intricately constructed blocks: from ambient soundscapes to noise walls. There are even moments when we can hear a rhythm. The album Rothko Field  is full of guitar drone and melodeclamation, as well as grainy, almost sludge fragments, filled with sonic dirt. Here and there the music becomes delicate and completely vulnerable. Auto-redress plus self-therapy. Re-enactment of the fall and personal disintegration in Skin Area serves the cathartic aim.  The whole spectrum of measures is used to expose negativistic visions of the individual amidst the hostile reality. A ne image of the North-European spleen and nihilism.

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