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The present wave of 80's nostalgia has brought a crop of bands whose distinctive features include cold electronic sounds, melancholic lyrics and a return to synthesizer driven music aesthetics. The undisputable majority of these are mediocre imitators, blindly copying their cult heroes' work and neglecting song writing quality while failing in the domain of musical originality. Hailing from the Serbian city of Belgrade but based in Berlin, Sixth June, set up in 2007, clearly stands out from the crowd of epigones. The filmmaker, musician and artist Laslo Antal and the actress and singer Lidija Andonov have professionally and creatively approached the legacy of the 20th century's penultimate decade - their music, referred to as "sweet and dark electro-pop", draws on the best of the music by bands and artists such as Propaganda, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Bauhaus, John Foxx and Gary Numan. It is certainly homage to the 80's but one characterised by a modern, contemporary sound. Sixth June is a real gem of the new minimal synth scene.