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Created in 2001, the Berlin-based formation Sektion B is one of the best-known projects of the new generation of German power electronics, which earned global recognition for its specific, very technical sound and high level of artistry, standing out from other similar projects. Unlike many traditional formations from the PE genre, whose works express themselves in a chaotic and violent noise, Sektion B make rhythmical music set in precise, strict structures and characterized by bold, fierce and minimalist sound. The idea of the group's members is an uncompromising cultural terrorism – their pieces address current socio-political reality of the contemporary world: globalisation, exploitation, crisis of capitalism, callousness, global conspiracy, political terrorism, oil wars, control of psychoactive substances and aim to destroy individualism by any means and to turn people into slaves of corporations. Sektion B offer raw, reactionary music and present a sharp accusation of and answer to the world heading towards the apocalypse.