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Schröttersburg is a band from Płock associated mainly with the post punk genre. The group has so far released the albums "Krew", "Ciało", "Melancholia", "Melancholia. Dekonstrukcje" and "Dalet". After recording the last album, during the lockdown, the band focused on rehearsals, experimenting with new instrumentation, as well as other types of music. In three months, during long improvisations, another material was created, "Om Shanti Om". A material where the beginning and the end apply; where spirituality mixes with the ritual of the city, industrial noises with oriental melodies, psychedelic mantras with tribal rhythms. At the concert in Wrocław, Schröttersburg will present just these sounds from the hidden constellation. The album "Om Shanti Om" was released in April 2022 through several labels (Zoharum, DIY Koło, NIC, Bat Cave Productions, Estaboy Rec.).