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Founded by Maciek Piaseczynski, Marcin Kamieniak and Piotr Galczynski – RongWrong appeared on the scene in the early 90s. At that time they put forward an original formula, classified within the frames of postindustrial music. Their debut entailed with the founding of Wojciech Czern (Wojcek)'s proprietary label - Obuh Records. The first records of RW referred to machine-like esthetics. The next ones were supposed to transform into open to experiments, seeking for innovation in electroacoustic music, free sound collages. Then the musicians were trying to find inspiration in their nearest surrounding. The effect of accession into the magical cultural space of Poland's Eastern borderlands was The Story Of Alfons Czahor project. After years of  absence Maciek Piaseczynski reactivated Rong Wrong on his own, releasing the material called Krwy at Requiem Records. Today's RW music is of narrative character. It takes the form of sound impression but also directly refers to specific events and places. It is based on processed environmental sounds. Meandring drones, electroacoustic noises, reverberation, murmurs, smashes intertwine with the sound of nature.