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Rites of Fall dissolves boundaries between past and future musical traditions. Originated in experiments with placing religious and folk music elements in new contexts, the project evolved into its darker and heavier form. 
The debut EP Truthsayer (2017) is narrative-driven, meant to be listened more like a hypothetical movie soundtrack rather than a set of songs or dancefloor material. Created in Subcarpathian and Warsaw it stretches between folk-infused atmospheres, modern, bass-heavy electronics and improvisation. Truthsayer was mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri (Black Knoll Studio) and is available as limited cassette and digital. 
After the well-received debut EP Rites Of Fall returns with the full-length album Towards the Blackest Skies (2019). Slated for an August 23rd release via new label Leidforschung Schallplatten. 
The album reflects on undercurrents shaping the breakthroughs in human evolution. Musically Towards the Blackest Skies shifts between darker ambience, deep bass, washed-out echoes and noise - often juxtaposed with acoustic instruments.

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