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When discussing the Russian industrial scene, one cannot fail to mention Reutoff – one of the most prominent representatives of the genre from behind our Eastern border. Active already for nearly two decades, the project has developed its unique style, merging elements of dark ambient music, hypnotic percussion rhythms and really catchy melodies into a whole that is intelligently composed and harmonious in every respect.  Reutoff's music evokes an entire panopticon of border states of consciousness developing in the listener's mind. The decadence-soaked pieces are filled with a range of feelings and emotions entailing multiple dimensions – industrial rhythms are intertwined with melodies resembling classic waltz, the circus-like grotesque meets ambient sounds, while dreamy jazz swinging merges with dark and epic electronic music. Certainly, the project's place of origin is essential to its musicians – all of the members come from Reutov, a satellite town on the outskirts of Moscow. The artists, inspired by the space of the town and its vicinity – being of psychogeographical significance to them, unanimously admit that it is still stimulating them and kindling their creativity.