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Founded in 1982 by Gary Mundy, Ramleh is not only one of the most important of the still active industrial music projects hailing from the UK but also one of the groups crucial to the whole British underground scene. Calling it one of the most influential and ground-breaking outfits of the entire independent music movement over the past 30 years is far from exaggeration. The group's music lies at the intersection of many, sometimes disparate, traditions and music genres, taking inspiration to a proportional extent from aesthetics such as early industrial music, free improvisation or all traditions of the 20th century avant-garde, and manifesting itself in an equally rich and varied formula based chiefly on a combination of elements of power electronics, avant rock and modern noise. In its beginnings, the project was mainly associated with power electronics and traditional noise music, but in the 90’s the band began experimenting with more traditional rock forms. None the less, Ramleh brought fresh air into what is customarily referred to as noise rock, as their take on the genre is much darker and psychedelic than the music of other representatives of this scene of that time. Now Ramleh has two incarnations – one of them is a rock trio, while the other performs as a power electronics duo. It is the latter that we'll see at this year's WIF.