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Uncompromising attitude filled with punk rebelliousness and heavy rhythmics electronics – this is the best decription of Portion Control, warhorses of british industrial scene. The band calls its music style electropunk or hard rhythmic electronics. They have been honored and name checked by the likes of Depeche Mode, Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, Nine Inch Nails among others and also as being responsible for sound tracking the entire cyber-goth genre, and helping craft early techno. The energy, dynamics, creativity and immediacy of Portion Control does not waste any time getting right to the point. After all this years since their beginnings in 1979 music of the project is still fresh and powerful. Their songs, incorporating drum'n'bass, electro, noise and ambience are still unequalled standard in merging of experiment with non-pop dance music. This lasting for over 30 years living legend is one of the most important milestones on the path of industrial movement and connected stylistics of electronic music.