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Between 1982 & 2002 Peter Hope plied his trade as uncompromising & inventive vocalist & musician with Sheffield’s Industrial Avant-Garde & Experimental Post Punk Sonic Steelworkers. Crossing genres from the rapid-fire post punk squall of The Box to the unleashing of Richard H. Kirk’s Heaviest Hour with Hoodoo Talk, then the Classic avant-garde document of social, domestic & industrial collapse that is Dry Hip Rotation & the Warped Blues sample manipulations of Flex 13 with chief collaborator & unflinching left-field Legend Charlie Collins.

Think of a bard who sings not of the old gods, goddesses and heroes, but of dreary canals, murdered husbands, needles, knives and fatal workplace accidents. After 20 years & over 30 releases Hope severed all connections & moved to the Outer Hebrides to pit himself against the world’s oldest rock and the elements that shape it.

The Exploding Mind manifests in many shapes. It drawers both from the past and the present, and as such exist in a state of constantly shifting energy. The Exploding Mind is not reliant on Trend, Time or Genre. It exists as an ever changing document of what has already been created and what is currently being created. Every act of creativity needs inspiration from either internal or external sources and I have been lucky enough to work with some exceptionally inspirational people. In turn The aim of The Exploding Mind is to act as an inspiration for wider creativity, collaboration and passion for power of music.