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The owl is on the one hand an allegory of wisdom and knowledge, on the other hand, in folk tales, being a harbinger of misfortune or sudden death – the ambiguity one can find in the work of three musicians distinguished on the alternative music scene: Eraldo Bernocchi (known for the projects Sigillum S and Obake), Tony Wakeford (one of the forefathers of neofolk and founder of Sol Invictus) and Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari (also of Obake). It is them who chose owls as their patrons, naming the new undertaking Owls. The image of the owl in culture is far from unambiguous, and likewise – the outfit's music is difficult to label. Is it electronic dub or country? Is what we have here progressive rock or neofolk? Or perhaps it's gospel music or black metal? There are many more comparisons that one could come up with listening to Owls' music, rooted in the extensive creative experiences of the group's all members. What Wakeford brings here is the spirit of bleak ballads, with his vocals touching on Goth-ish tones; the subtle electronic sounds and guitar textures are delivered by Bernocchi, while Fornasari provides electronic ambiences and processed voice. Melancholy and atmosphere combined with a hypnotic beat – this is what OWLS’ music is about.