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Existing from over 30 years and co-starred by twins: Klive and Nigel Homberstone, the band In The Nursery has never shied away from experimentation and looking for an alternative path towards progress. Although the early steps of the formation were definitely industrial in style, with every consecutive album the group has gradually left the industrial behind, and created their own recognizable form in return. Homberstone’s initial fascination with post-punk Joy Division was replaced by infatuation with neoclassical style, which soon became the very marrow of In The Nursery. The team left the grinding sounds of industrial in order to pursue more sophisticated and subtle means of expression. From that point on, the project has primarily associated itself with classical instruments assisted by computer sequencers. It is through that combination the band manages to evoke thrill, excitement and also unique atmosphere. Compositions of In The Nursery, are achieved by the latest technology combined with the classical style and orchestral drum-work. They possess a unique charm and power—which is precisely why the team has been recognized by the producers and their songs regularly appear in the soundtracks of many well-known films (eg. Gran Torino, Beowulf, Aviator, Interview with the Vampire, and many, many others). The group is also famous due to their original self-composed soundtracks for many silent films such as The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Man With a Movie Camera and The Passion of Joan of Arc.

'Artisans of Civilisation' by IN THE NURSERY